View Full Version : need help translating this sites code actually

11-26-2011, 04:53 AM
I wanted my page to have something similar to this sites profile page. When I click my name in this site you get that box with the tabs inside. I wanted one of the options to have a textfield to get a list of url's and then a second tab to display the url's, I have code that displays rss feeds off the given url but I am not sure how to:
A) make tab's similar to this sites tabs(function not appearance).
B)transfer information between the two tabs-that being said it looks javascripty, I can figure that out I am pretty sure, only thing is that once you switch tabs from the url input to the display does it need to be saved to the server then retrieved from the display tab or am I way off?
C) Save the information.
D) retrieve that information for the hosting server.
And all of this relates to membership within this site and while I can set up basic sign up forms how this all interrelates is hard to understand from all the pure code description sites.
All of this has this sites own code as an example but I am not sure what part is what.