View Full Version : "MembersPro Paypal" script customization

11-26-2011, 02:53 AM
I'm looking for someone who has worked (recently) with the above (licensed) script to customize an existing website - graphics, Access database field additions and some functionality changes. Integration experience with Paypal/MembersPro Paypal a MUST. No original graphics design will be required.

General mods specifications are available directly from the "Patriots OCCUPY America" website - the 'Membership', 'Who We Are' and other pages. You can find the website with Google, since it's not allowed to post it here.

Please contact me by email or PM for a discussion of your qualifications, availability and recent, relevant references. This will be a fixed-price, turnkey contract with payment by Paypal. Agreement with the Mission, Principles and Objectives of POA is highly desirable and could lead to the POA Webmaster role (USA Citizenship or Permanent Residency is MANDATORY for that role).

11-28-2011, 07:53 PM

Should you prefer on site programmer for this?
If not, then feel free to contact me through nicole@wickedinnovations.com of your project specs.
We're an outsourcing firm from the philippines and we'd like to work on this.
If you are doubtful about this we can call you out and talk this further over phone.

Kindly let me know of these things.
Pm me if your interested.