View Full Version : having problems setting up member information

11-24-2011, 04:52 AM
I was asked to make a webpage using wordpress. I have the ability to make members within wordpress but all that does is allow them to post unless I give them admin privileges. So I have resolved that problem by using a plug-in to allow me to make a seperate account database.

I need to set up a way for each individual user to have personal information displayed. I am thinking this would require 2 pages. A set up page to enter information (similar to preference settings i suppose), and then the page that displays the information he entered. An example would be member newguy logs in. Lets say newguys wants to display an rss feed(the site asked for an ability to display rss feeds)in the settings he would enter the url-possibly an option box comes up if the url in in question has multiple feeds. Then whenever newguy logs in he can have that feed displayed.

other thoughts**
other thought would be one page with tabs 2 flip between them. However, it is hard to adjust the html since wordpress relies on themes for both site structure and css.

I have the code for the rss, the site itself and the ability to have members just not sure how to get it so each individual has his own information display. and again this is all in wordpress so php is everywhere