View Full Version : Site looks "wonky" on iphone

11-15-2011, 10:36 PM
I just completed a site, address is www<dot>computerrepaircarrollton<dot>com. The site looks fine in browsers, but when I look at it on my iPhone, the logo in the top right (the circle with the 1 in it), duplicates itself.

I'm using the logo in the top right as a background image for the link, but it looks like the iphone is taking the phone number that is under it and applying the same styles as the logo. The problem is that I'm applying the background to the a tag of the logo, and the number is just a paragraph tag (no anchor tag), so it shouldn't be showing any background images.

Because it is inheriting the properties of the logo, it is now pushing the other elements further down the page, which is now blocking the nav bar from being clickable.

anybody have any ideas on what's the problem?