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11-15-2011, 04:01 PM

I'm starting, a long with a mate of mine, a small blog/site on wordpress.
After selecting the theme I wanted to use, I came to the conclusion that I don't like the way the theme is ordered. However I'm completely new to coding and everything, so the task seems quite daunting. To see how it is now, see the site here: http://www.yuk-yuk.nl (don't mind the rest of the site, it's all about the way it's divided into two.

As you can see, there's a content part on the left, and two side bars on the right side of the screen (so content-sidebar-sidebar). What I want to get is that the structure sidebar-content-sidebar.

The thing is, the two side bars have seperate php-files with the coding, but get combined into one sidebar.php-file. This file is placed into one space in the CSS-sheet (See the codes below). Now, my roommate, who has some but not much experience with coding, thought I had to assign a new space on the left of the page for a second sidebar. This would have to be 'sidebar2.php' or whatever, and should get one of the sidebars assigned (again see the codes below). However, when I tried to do this, it didn't work out, unfortunately. I got an fatal error, saying that the funtion_get couldn't be found (used to collect the other sidebar-file). Unfortunately, I don't have screenshots of this, since I restored it last night.

My question is: How can I make sure that the site gets a sidebar-content-sidebar structure? What do I need to change in the CSS-file, and what do I need to make sure that second sidebar which I create gets assigned in the right way?

CSS-sheet, bolded where the sidebar is assigned:

Theme Name: Black And White
Theme URI: http://www.blogohblog.com/
Description: Black And White is a 3 columns Wordpress theme. Simple, clean and easy you to modify, also suitable for any blog content such reviews, make money blog, personal, photo blog and more. :)
Author: Bob
Author URI: http://www.blogohblog.com/

This theme was designed and built by Bob of <a href="http://www.blogohblog.com/">Blog Oh Blog</a> based on the famous <a href="http://binarybonsai.com/kubrick/">Kubrick</a>. I love to hear of my work being used :). This work is licensed under a <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/">Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License</a>. This means you may use it for any purpose, and make any changes you like. Just leave my Bob link under your footer :)

body{background:url(images/gbck.gif) repeat;font-family:Georgia, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:11px;color:#190707;margin:0;padding:0;}
#wrap{background:#fff;width:1000px;border:#000 2px solid;margin:5px auto;padding:2px;}
#top{width:1000px;margin:0 auto;padding:0 0 10px;}
#header{width:500px;float:center;margin:0 auto;padding:0 0 10px;}
#header h1.title{font-family:georgia, times, 'times new roman', serif;color:#000;font-size:42px;margin:0;padding:0;}
p.desc{font-family:Georgia, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;color:#000;font-size:12px;margin:0;padding:0;}
#clock{float:left;width:400px;text-align:left;margin:0;padding:10px 5px 0 0;}
#nav{background-color:#000000;height:35px;max-height:35px;min-height:35px;width:1000px;clear:both;margin:0 auto;padding:0;}
ul.nav li{float:left !important;list-style-type:none;margin:0;padding:0;}
ul.nav li a,ul.nav li a:link,ul.nav li a:visited{color:#fff;float:left;display:block;padding:0 10px;}
ul.nav li a:hover,ul.nav li a:active{background:#ccc;color:#000;text-decoration:none;}
ul.nav li.current_page_item a{text-decoration:none;color:#ccc;}
ul.nav li ul{float:left;margin:0;padding:0;}
#searchform #s{font-size:8pt;width:230px;}
#searchform input{color:#000;width:40%;border:1px solid #cbcbcb;margin-bottom:0.6em;background:#fcfcfc;margin-top:2px;padding:3px;}
#searchform #submit{font-size:8pt;}
#main{width:1000px;margin:10px auto;padding:0;}
#content{float:left;width:510px;border-right:#000 2px solid;margin:0;padding:0;}
.entry{float:left;width:500px;margin:0;padding:0 0 20px;}
.entry h2{background:#ccc;display:block;font-size:12px;font-weight:700;border-top:#000 2px solid;margin:0;padding:3px;}
.permalink{background:#ccc;border-bottom:2px #000 solid;margin:0;padding:0 0 3px 3px;}
#lsidebar{float:left;width:180px;border-right:#000 2px solid;overflow:hidden;margin:0;padding:0 5px 0 0;}
.alignright{float:right;padding:0 0 10px;}
.alignleft{float:left;padding:0 0 10px;}
.entry img {padding:0 5px 0 0;}
.boxcomments{border-top:1px solid #000;border-bottom:2px solid #000;margin-bottom:10px;width:500px;}
.boxcomments h2,h3{display:block;font-size:15px;font-weight:700;margin:0;padding:5px;}
#commentform{border-top:1px solid #000;margin:0;padding:15px 15px 1px;}
#commentform label{display:block;margin:0;}
#commentform input{width:170px;margin:0 5px 10px 0;padding:1px;}
#commentform textarea{width:400px;margin:0 0 10px;padding:0;}
#commentform #submit{margin:0 0 20px;}
#commentform p{margin:5px 0;}
ol.commentlist{margin:0 0 1px;padding:0;}
ol.commentlist :hover{background:#D8D8D8;}
ol.commentlist li{border-top:1px solid #ccc;display:block;list-style:none;margin:0;padding:15px 15px 1px;}
ol.commentlist li :hover{background:none;}
ol.commentlist li.commenthead{display:block;list-style:none;margin:0;padding:5px 15px;}
ol.commentlist li.commenthead h2{display:block;font-size:12px;font-weight:700;margin:0;padding:5px;}
ol.cloop{border-top:1px solid #fff;list-style:none;margin:0 0 1px;padding:15px;}
ol.cloop li{display:block;list-style:none;padding-left:15px;margin:0 0 5px;}
#footer{background:#000000;color:#fff;font-size:11px;clear:both;height:30px;width:980px;line-height:30px;margin:0;padding:0 0 0 10px;}
#footer a:hover{text-decoration:none;color:#666;border:none;}
#lsidebar h2,#rsidebar h2{font-size:14px;border-bottom:solid 2px #000;border-top:solid 2px #000;margin:0 7px 3px 0;padding:3px 0;}
#lsidebar ul,#rsidebar ul{list-style-type:none;margin:0;padding:0;}
#lsidebar ul li,#rsidebar ul li{list-style-type:none;margin:0 0 20px;padding:0;}
#lsidebar ul li ul,#rsidebar ul li ul{list-style-type:square;margin:0;padding:0 3px;}
#lsidebar ul li ul li,#rsidebar ul li ul li{list-style-type:none;background:transparent url(images/bullet.gif) no-repeat 0 4px;border:0;margin:0;padding:0 0 2px 14px;}
#footer a:link,#footer a:active,#footer a:visited{text-decoration:none;color:#fff;border:none;}

sidebar.php file, where the codes of the two seperate sidebars get combined, when I tried to create a second sidebar, I asigned one of the two sidebars (lsidebar.php or rsidebar.php) to a similar file:

<div id="sidebar">
<?php include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/lsidebar.php'); ?>
<?php include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/rsidebar.php'); ?>

Code with which the sidebar gets integrated into other files. When I tried to create a second sidebar I tried to use the same code, with the ID of course changed to the appropriate file:

<?php get_sidebar(); ?>

If somebody could help that would be great, if more information is needed let me know. Bear in mind that I'm completely new to this, so that I might not know precisly what might be relevant and what you need to help me.

Thanks in advance.