View Full Version : Help with using Replace in Alleycode

11-14-2011, 06:03 PM
I have a question with replacing text in the Alleycode program.

Here are some of the lines I'm working with:
2524>Ranger 700 6x6 EFI Commercial
7890>Ranger 700 Crew
7891>Ranger 700 Crew LE Black Cherry
7892>Ranger 700 Crew LE Browning Hunter Edition
7893>Ranger 700 Crew LE Turbo Silver
2525>Ranger 700 HD

I'm looking for a way to replace the start of each line (e.g. 2524>, 7890>, 7891>) up to the > with blank space so I only end up with the model of these four wheelers (there's many more, that's why I'm trying to figure out an easy way to do this).

Is there a way to automatically do this by using a code in the replace feature, or another way I can do it?


11-14-2011, 06:34 PM
Anyone know if it's possible or if there's another way I can do it with a different program or something... Really need to get these done as fast as possible. I'm at work.