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11-10-2011, 05:55 PM
I've been searching and searching and trying out different things, but I cannot find/get anything to work!

Basically, what I need is for when the user visits, say, "www.mypage.net/flashpage.php?=blah", the Flash object HTML "<object ..." will make the file "www.mypage.net/files/blah.swf" be the Flash file.

I've seen this done before... I just have no idea how to do it!

Could someone point me in the right direction... :rolleyes:

11-10-2011, 07:43 PM
Example URL:


// set a default in case they enter without a file specified

// if they entered a file, use it.

// now, you should make sure the file exists.
// it's OK
// it does not exist, so use the default.

// now you continue on with your page ...
// you'll use the $file variable later on, in your HTML.

blah blah blah
<object ... stuff stuff src="www.mypage.net/files/<?=$file?>" ... stuff stuff>