View Full Version : Use image to overlay default button

11-10-2011, 05:38 PM
NB: This is far too complicated to bother with - too many 'issues' cropping up to make it a viable option. Feel free to still answer or just delete.

Okay, this is a complex one, so I'll do my best to explain what I want to do as clearly as possible.

I have a tumblr test site here: http://testblognumber1.tumblr.com/

On my proper site (which is using the same template) readers are invited to submit a word using the tumblr 'ask' widget on this page: http://testblognumber1.tumblr.com/ask

As you can see, the button for submitting your word says 'Ask' - which doesn't really make sense. I would like it to say 'Send'

I cannot change anything on that widget, as it's all controlled on their side, but I came up with the idea of overlaying my own button.

So my questions are this:

When the user clicks the button, it changes to one saying 'Saving', and then settles on a grey box saying, 'Thank you, your question has been received' Therefore, I need my overlayed button to disappear once it's been pressed.

I can hopefully position my button using css, but how do I ensure the button only shows up on the '/ask' page?

When I overlay my button, will it still allow users to click the original button underneath?

Would there be any way of ensuring such complex positioning would align correctly in both IE and Firefox?

Thanks in advance.