View Full Version : Javascript based MathsPad - a dream or nightmare ?

u jayakodi
11-02-2011, 01:49 PM
Most IDEs have a debugging Immediate Window that doubles as a pad to evaluate expressions and to make calculations, with certain limitations - mainly for creating new arrays. Its simple text-editor-like look and use of available functions & modules are enchanting.

This tiny utility, in jsMathspad.rar, mimics such MathsPad using javascript in a lone TEXTAREA; however, the straight-jacket JS with no function for 'On Error Resume Next' puts a brake, apart from other JS handicaps for an English-like interface for the pad. The vbs sibling in vbsMathspad.rar is miles ahead as a handy tool, though it is for IE.

JS nerds may like to add to this raw rudimentary jsMathsPad snippet.

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