View Full Version : Image motion by drag or mouse swipe

10-31-2011, 05:05 PM

I am new here, I am trying to find solution for one problem with my new web page, I want to use amazing effect -by mouse draging or swipe on the certain image which should launch animation effect (something like image rotating) -set of images should run dynamicaly and so simulate fluid effect (movie). For a better Idea what I need it can be for example something as physical lever switch with spring when this switch is slightly tilted spring complete this action and switch is flipped to other state. Or another example image of book should be on web and when someone drag and pull page this should independently continue and complete action - turn to new page.

So my question .. is something like that possible with javascript if yes can You please point me where I have look or how this can be done, each advice will be valuable for me or maybe javascript isnt right choice for this can You advise me?