View Full Version : directing url/ tumblr problem

10-29-2011, 10:21 AM
Hello. thanks in advance

i've started learning basic html and css this week designing a website in tumblr. I'm designing a website for my brothers band and he's very ambitious. So far i've been able to do most things but i've now encountered a problem. here is my site for reference: http://hairbearbunchmusic.tumblr.com/

anyway the problem is i have 2 pages currently: my welcome page and my blogging page 'wagwan'. This link works at the top. I want my blogs to appear on this page but Tumblr only allows users to blog to their home page. I have no idea how to get round this. i thought of setting wagwan as my homepage and then my welcomepage as a static, and then direct 'wagwan' to my welcome page so my welcome page appears first. But then that would be pointless as my users won't be able to get back to 'wagwan' to read the blog anyway as it will always redirect.

i've spent hours doing the music video and fixing the border at the top but i imagine this has a simple solution?? thanks