View Full Version : why is mysqlslap giving access denied error?

10-28-2011, 03:21 PM
i found the executable in /usr/bin/mysqlslap
i did a mysql> SHOW VARIABLES LIKE '%version%';

and got:
protocol_version | 10 |
| version | 5.1.41-3ubuntu12.10 |
| version_comment | (Ubuntu) |
| version_compile_machine | i486 |
| version_compile_os | debian-linux-gnu

i run mysqlslap:

helloises@helloise:~/github_mira/rainbow_code/phoenix$ /usr/bin/mysqlslap --user=traffic2 --password=password --auto-generate-sql -vv
Building Create Statements for Auto
Building Query Statements for Auto
Parsing engines to use.
Starting Concurrency Test
/usr/bin/mysqlslap: Cannot drop database 'mysqlslap' ERROR : Access denied for user 'traffic2'@'localhost' to database 'mysqlslap'

in my datatbases.yml i have:
dsn: mysql:dbname=traffic2;host=localhost
classname: PropelPDO
username: traffic2
password: password

why am i getting that error? please help
can somebody please help???

10-29-2011, 07:20 PM
Cannot drop database

Mybe you don't have rights to do that. Google for GRANT ALL....

10-31-2011, 09:07 AM
Mybe you don't have rights to do that. Google for GRANT ALL....

the traffic 2 DB is my working DB. my website and mobi site connect to this db. i log in every day with: mysql -u traffic2 -p traffic2 and i use the same password everyday. when i set this up many moons ago i did:

mysql -u root -p
> CREATE DATABASE traffic2 CHARACTER SET 'utf8' COLLATE 'utf8_general_ci';
> CREATE USER traffic2;
> GRANT ALL ON traffic2.* TO 'traffic2'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

anything im missing?

10-31-2011, 10:22 AM
finally got it to work :) thanks all