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10-26-2011, 10:48 AM
Hi there,
I'm using a sticky-footer technique at:

Now, it works fine as long as the page is fully vertically expanded and there is no scroll bar present. BUT... when there is a scroll, the header and the footer both shift one pixel to the left, leaving a tall vertical white line to the right of the header, and a shorter vertical white line to the right of the footer. It's so small the client probably wouldn't notice, but personally, I can't deal with it this way. The style sheet in question is located at:

I've spent hours trying all the permutations of changing the height of #nudge, changing the negative margin-top of #footer, and the padding-bottom of #container. Nothing seems to solve this problem.

Any thoughts from the peanut gallery? Thanks in advance,

10-26-2011, 08:16 PM
I viewed your site in the latest version of Google chrome and IE 8, both had scroll bars- IE with a horizontal scroll bar, too. I noticed nothing worth the time of fixing. This is a great looking website if you ask me. It's a very small issue. I'd keep moving forward.