View Full Version : Embed Instagram Into Website Problems

10-24-2011, 03:39 PM
Hi All

Im new here and im trying to embed an Instagram picture reel within my website using embedagram.com

The website platform im using is weebly. Weebly allows for a custom html element to be placed on the page, and i have no problems pasting the basic widget.

However i would like to edit the CSS so that it is bigger and the images fit my page better.

My page width is 954px This is the same width as the header and this is the width i would like the viewer to be. The height should be in proportion but does not really matter. Im trying to keep it even

I have the stylesheet and will see if i can attach it.

I'd like the centre image to be larger that the one on the left and right and I'd like the arrows to stand out, so they can be seen.

Im sure its just a case of changing a few pixel widths but cant figue out which ones.

Any help would be greatly appreciated