View Full Version : HTML/SWF Service Needed ASAP

10-07-2011, 08:35 AM
1) Project Details: (be as specific as possible): I'm looking to pay for help my dropdown menu. The menus needs to have the same position in all 3 browsers Chrome, FF & IE.

Currently the menu is in different positions on each browser & it shifts way over to the left if I open the history or favorites tabs. I'm sure there's some additional coding I need to manually add but that's my weak spot.
Here’s the link to project.

2) Payment method/ details (Paypal, check? Timeline?): I'm not not sure what the standard rate is but i'm willing to pay fair rate for service.
payment via Paypal.

10-07-2011, 09:21 AM
I can fix this for you. Also you do know the width of your site might be too large for some people? My resolution is 1280x800 and your page creates a large horizontal scrollbar.

10-07-2011, 04:50 PM
Hello hollywood95!

I have sent you a PM regarding the service you are looking, perhaps we could be of help.. Kindly take a look at it and let me know if this is something you'd be interested in.