View Full Version : Fadeout parent page when child page pops up

Oct 4th, 2011, 01:20 AM
I can barely work with html and javascript...a lot of trial & error. But now Im trying to get the parent page to fade out when I pop up a child page. Like on these pages of mine. http://www.mikalz.com/PSPDRAMA.html I would love that effect on those types of pages. I'm sure you that are interested in the fade out effect have looked at as many sites for that, that I have. I was just wondering if someone would be kind enough to walk me thru it. I use yahoo sitebuilder and I know it aint the greatest but I can get around on it alright. I just dont know how to add script to what I already have to make the popups work. Thanx for any help you can give.:thumbsup: