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10-03-2011, 05:18 AM
Not sure where to put this script, i assume it could be built i a number of ways (html, php, java......)

i run a fantasty football league site for myself and 9 friends, have done for years. i need to make a change for next year and have run into a problem that my stand alone drag and drop website builder (to my knowledge) cant handle.

i need to alter the way the users log on and choose their players each week.

The drag and drop concept I have been using until now has been very successful but I am thinking of moving to a slighty more primitive format (yes I know why would I go backwards) and less cosmetically appealing drop down box method, but I think it could be just as effective as old way and the other positive with my new idea is that so many people (especially the 9 others who play my game) have iPhones and the iPhone does not support the drag and drop functionality.

A coach has a squad of 45 players to choose from.. what I need to be able to do (in script form) is have a drop down next to each player’s name with 8 choices. Choice 1 should be default and the default is “out” as in, “out of the team” all players should default to out of the team when the page opens.

When a coach chooses the drop down next to a player’s name he gets the choice of “selected” meaning that player has now been selected to play or Int 1, int 2 int 3 all the up to 6. If any of the int choices are made then that players is “selected” to play as an interchange player and those players are ranked 1-6 for the purpose of coming into the team (if required) in number order.

Special features I am aiming for is that the different choices in the dropdown box have different colours eg “OUT” in red “SELECTED” in green “INT 1” INT 2” in orange to highlight the status of the players to choose from.

I have tried to make a mock up version of what I want in Bluevoda (the drag and drop website builder I use) but it runs into issues when adding colours and other features

Other features I need to try and incorporate is the limiting of choices a coach can make, for example I need only 24 players to have status’ other than the default. Of the possible 45 to choose from, basically 23 players should have a status in the drop down as “out” which is the default choice, 18 should have a status of “selected” and 6 should have an Int status ranging from INT 1 to Int 6.

I really need to be able to monitor or limit the user to the above restrictions, otherwise they may select too many or too few and upset the game. I have seen sites that when filling in forms you get a pop up upon submission if things are outside certain set parameters.

You can see the mock version I have created here


bear in mind I have only used 7 names not 45 for testing so you can see the basic idea. if the site prompts you for a user name it is "Ash" and the password is "Yovibay238"

any tips would be great