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09-30-2011, 07:42 PM
Ok so somehow one of my emails got on some kind of global email harvester and i have been getting spammed to death on it.

So the first thing i did of course is i started blacklisting them inside horde mail. Then i started grabbing the ip from the header and adding that to my ip blocker server level.

Then i set up my horde options filters for subject and body and from fields, and that is not stopping them.

So i enabled spam assassin but all that does is put ***SPAM*** in the subject line and i still get the email.

I do not want those emails to reach me on my computer level as some of them have attachments and many of them are titled ACH cancel from some fake IRS or FDIC office. So i want to delete them as soon as the server sees them.

I looked up some stuff on spam assassin and there is a content filter but it is server admin (host) level set up, not server user level. So my hands are tied on this unless i can get my host to add the content filter.

I feel i am out of options here. Any ideas on what else i can do to keep these emails from being delivered at all?

10-08-2011, 01:17 PM
If you thought that buying an email content filtering product would get you an email content filtering product only, think again. Today’s batch of products sport a range of capabilities that make these products an absolute must for enterprises of just about any size. From spam filtering, anti-virus and anti-phishing to centralized management of email security, these products do just about anything you can think of relating to email security.