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09-30-2011, 02:50 AM
Need to develop a MMOCC

At first need to:

1) Avatar Creation (Design character with change of hair, clothes, pants, shoes, and colors)
2) Chatting (Chat is entered, appears in the game inside a chat bubble, and eventually disappears)
3) Credit System to purchase virtual items, clothes, etc)
4) Catalogue System (Add items, Lists all items, a user can purchase an item with credits, and their credits get adjusted. The item is put in their inventory)
5) Items (Create for the users, Can be moved, placed, and rotated inside rooms, or placed into the users inventory)
6) Walking/Talking (Users click to move to a position, can walk around objects, behind objects, interact with objects)
7) Trading (Users can exchange items for other items, or for credits- with another user)
8) Admin System (Can manage other users information, credits, Ban Users, Mute Users, etc)
9) Room Creation (Users can create a virtual room, name it, lock it, unlock it, place items inside it, and decorate it with virtual items)
10) Friend List (Users can add friends to a friends list, and private message them in-game)
11) User Items (Users can create their own objects and sell)
12) Stores Users (Users can create their own shops and businesses which offer services or items in exchange for credits)

Payment by paypal or bank transfer

If you have a MMOCC created and want to sell, contact me trebla_soler@yahoo.es

Regards :cool:

10-03-2011, 09:36 PM
Sent you email. Looking forward to work with you :D