View Full Version : htaccess file-leverage browser caching

09-29-2011, 04:44 PM
This may be an unusual request to ask someone to help me with just one small aspect of my website, but I would be willing to pay someone if they could help me figure this out. I'm a novice web designer, having taught myself html and css, but I'm still pretty clueless on a lot of other things. I want to leverage browser caching to increase page speed, but I haven't found many tutorials online that a beginner like me can understand and that really tell me exactly how to do it. I have many images on my website and I want the pages to load faster and I want them to be fast for seo purposes too. It sounds like max-age and last-modified are good choices, but I'm unclear on this whole thing in general and what the code would look like in my htaccess. I would like to find someone who knows the best way to do this and can provide some explicit help for me. Thanks.