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09-28-2011, 10:28 PM
i am new to programming in a html and php.
i installed wampserver. i am using apache 5.3.5. on a windows XP Home pc.

i am working on a project that loads and sorts an html table. i found some code as an example for some help. the source works fine when i test the code on the actual page on the web site where i found the code. when i bring the code into my environment (wamp and dreamweaver cs3) and run the code i am having a problem.
when i first load the code it displays the table properly. when i click on a
column header of the table to sort, the sort works fine, but the header shifts and no longer shows my images on the header. the words image appear where the images originally were.
i tried testing the program by specifying localhost in the url to see if dreamweaver cs3 may be causing the problem, but the results are the same.
the only thing i can determine is that it must be something with my apache
configuration, a bug or its something i am just to inexperienced to understand.
i have been searching help forums for 2 days and cannot figure out what to
can anyone help?

09-28-2011, 11:05 PM
i thank anyone who has read and was going to answer my question. i finally figured it out and it was my lack of understanding of javascript. amazing after 2 days of searching for an answer, right after i seek help by posting a question i figured out what was going wrong.

just to complete the question with an answer......my html code specified an image source and my images were in my client image directory and my server image directory. the javascript that i called from my html code loaded additional images from the root and those images were in my image directory and not the root.

thanks to all and the questions and answers/help provided on this forum has helped me considerably in learning.