View Full Version : MySQL server has gone away: 2006 Error (need help)

09-23-2011, 04:21 AM
Hi when i post anything from admin panel on my (Datalife Engine) DLE 9.3 Script it give me this error:

MySQL Error!

The Error returned was:
MySQL server has gone away

Error Number:

i've triple check and talked with the host about that issue and they have no clue about this they said everything is fine on there end i also asked them to change the packet size for my sql and they told me that its already 124MB more then required !

...can any1 please help me here by the way i am on shared hosting and i do have cpanel mysql and phpmyadmin i dont have much knowledge about mysql but i can edit and run queries if you guide me to and yeah i've done a backup already so no worries if anything goes wrong !