View Full Version : Correct multibyte character handling

09-19-2011, 05:19 PM
I have a little board thingy installed on my site, that has problems with handling multibyte characters like:
あっじぇじゃあおをえっはっばおえ (very random japanase stuff, i just bashed the keys :p )
but leave some characters intact for bbcode like
[ ] = : ' " | etc.

can someone point me to a built-in or handwritten function that converts those nasty characters to htmlentites, like &9875; ?

edit: I'm sooo jelly of vBulletin's handling of these chars…

edit2: I'm using a webadmin.php, that can correctly save these characters as html entites in the flat file I use as the database for posts. I just don't know what webadmin.php uses to encode them