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09-15-2011, 11:32 PM
I have been working on a tournament website over the last few months using free lance help. My last coder ran into some issues and could not finish the project. So I am looking for someone to step in and help finish the site in order to launch.

For the most part the site is almost done. The script we are using to run the site is mostly up and running. There are some things that we need fixed to have a smooth launch the biggest things being linking the news to the front page of the site, changing the menu's, making sure paypal is working.

We also would like to get something in place to handle reviews. Some easy we can get were we can go in and input the text and pictures for the review and it would update the site. The review pages are already codded and should be uploaded to the site too.

Below is a list my staff has found that needs fixed.

Website Stuff

Need to know -

How to change the Img Slider Pictures / Sponsors at bottom of the page.

Needs Changed -

There needs to be a View my Profile button on the MyGLO page instead of just settings.*
Front Page the hot forum topics needs to be increased to get rid of the white spot on the front page.*
Fix the birthday spot on Member profile.*
About Me field on profile broken. When you up text in the block it only displays (Some Information About Me and My Profile.)*
Also The About Me Field and My Interest Field needs to be labeled on profile.*
Xbox live Gamer Card Broken. So just remove block from Profile page. Replace with normal slot to list your XBL name, and Change another slot on profile to PSN Name for the play station.*
Change limit on the latest Threads counter on the forums.*
Img Slider broken on forums.

What we need to figure out-*
How to work the image rotation for advertisments on site.*


Register Page needs coded

site hates google chrome


Needs changed to*

Username, Gamertag, AIM, Position*

Also there is some major issues with Site log on, and registartion problems. When you try to sign up for the site now you get a issue that will not let you long on.*

Peoples passwords are also going bad and the website is not sending out emails for the new passwords.

If you could please provide a timeframe to complete the work and a price. The list sounds like it's alot but it should only take about a weekend to knock out.