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09-14-2011, 10:08 PM
hi everyone,
urgently need help,

i have manage to declare 3 variables and then do not understand what to do in next two bullet point (in red)

"You should complete the code for the function as follows.
Declare a variable to hold the letters correctly guessed by the player, the ‘hits’. Initialise this string of hits to an empty string.

Declare a variable to hold incorrect guesses. Initialise it to an empty string.

Declare a variable and initialise it to 9, the number of lives that a player has remaining at the beginning of the game.

Invoke the getArrayElements() function with termArray and definitionArray as arguments. You did this to test the function within a button event handler in Task 1 (v)(b). Now you are putting the function to use for the game. Assign the array that is returned to a newly declared variable, entryArray.

Assign each of the two array elements in entryArray to newly declared variables. The first element of entryArray will be a randomly picked term and the second element will be its associated definition"


09-14-2011, 10:26 PM
Point 1.5 might be of interest.