View Full Version : Automatic Fax sorting

09-12-2011, 06:56 PM
incoming faxes from the fax machine gets put into a folder. They are named with the time stamp. They come as a .pdf

the goal is to sort the faxes into different folders by what they contain but also keep the original fax in the original folder. these .pdf files need to be OCRed so that they become searchable.

Is there some way to write a program that takes a copy of the original fax, OCRs it, searches for keywords,each keyword is tied to a different folder so if a keyword is found, the file gets dumped into that folder. if no keywords at all are found, the file is put into a unsorted faxes folder.

This also needs to be automatic so that I can hit run, and it will keep checking the incoming fax folder for new files say every hour or so.