View Full Version : Need to post a URL only

09-09-2011, 02:10 AM
I'm using a phone calling service (Tringme VoicePHP) via their API functions. I have to bundle up my URL parameters (phone number to call, my authorization string, my sig string, etc.) in a special function they provide which then returns me the full URL with all the parameters.

What I need to do next is just submit this URL. I'm having trouble figuring out what to use to do this. All the examples of CURL() I see have an array of the parameters but I don't need to make use of this array since my parameters are already contained in the URL string from the Tringme create_url function.

So all I need is a way to submit or post the URL to make the phone call. Can this be done still using CURL() or is there a better way to do it?

Unfortunately, Tringme support is non-existent.