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09-05-2011, 07:37 AM
Hi guys and girls!

I'm new here....I mean I've been here before....but not as this screen name. But I would like you to see a web service me and my business partner put together! And maybe get your opinion on it. Maybe we could turn into a better application... Anyway, please visit http://linc.pro As you see, this is another url shortening application. The difference is that you can register, and have your own alias(if not already taken)
It's actually NOT something we made. He bought it off the web for 5 bucks!! So if any of you want the script....I can reference...
Anyway, thanks for checking it out! Maybe we can give it a twist and do something new with it.

Have a great one. :)


PS:please check out my google+ profile @ https://plus.google.com/115675321781312430596/about and friend me!!