View Full Version : Importing E2save Datafeed to Magneto

09-03-2011, 11:12 PM
Hi All,

I would like to import an affiliate data feed from e2save to my magneto site. The datafeed is as seen below -

•CSV datafeed - The full product feed CSV file is located at http://media.e2save.com/datafeeds/wl_feed_www.csv.zip
•XML Datafeed - The full product feed XML file is located at http://media.e2save.com/datafeeds/wl_feed_www.xml.zip

I would like to replicate what moneysupermarket have (the list of deals that link to e2saves checkout) but on my magneto product pages

example the list of deals would be under the product details on normal a product page like this


This is what i would imagin would happen if I uploaded the datafeed e2save have provided me, is this true?

Also, is it possible to do this even though magneto uses its own checkout system?

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