View Full Version : $30 - Using PHP to get dynamic image url

09-03-2011, 10:28 PM
Hi guys,

$30 to your paypal for this!!

i have a little challenge here, have tried but cant seem to get it right.

there is a FREE service that offers a vpn but rather than than using text to display the password, they use a dynamic image that looks like this

the domain is http://uk.gofreevpn.com/

Please note, i came across this website and noticed how it works, i am interested in the challenge, and finding away around it!

Remember, the image changes every 8 hours!

Anyone got the skill?

People with moral issues need not reply! :D

09-04-2011, 02:31 PM
Are you looking to read the password text from the image? That can't be done and is the exact reason they are using it.

If it could be done, it would be much more than $30. ;) But I doubt anyone will be willing to assist you.

And your final statement -- People with moral issues need not reply! -- leads me to believe you are attempting to undertake something unethical, if not illegal. Is this the case?