View Full Version : Import data feed to magneto cart

09-03-2011, 01:56 PM

I need a data feed importing to me magneto cart. Iv signed up to an affiliate scheme at e2save.com and they have sent me the data feeds below.

•CSV datafeed - The full product feed CSV file is located at http://media.e2save.com/datafeeds/wl_feed_www.csv.zip
•XML Datafeed - The full product feed XML file is located at http://media.e2save.com/datafeeds/wl_feed_www.xml.zip

I understand that moneysupermarket.com use their datafeed already so I would it to be similar to their site.

I would like the list of deals to come up on my product page on magneto


like for example under the product details on the above page

Also I would like to be able to remove certain products from the data feed. As I only want to sell specific products of theirs can someone please show me how to do this?

I think it is only a 10 min job so I would offer 5 by paypal