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08-26-2011, 05:24 AM
been searching everywhere for help on this javascript kit but no luck

JSE internal seach engine v 1.0a

Description: JSE is a highly robust, 100% client side search engine for indexing and searching your own site, using JavaScript 1.3. Some of JSE's noteworthy features are:


Uses regular expressions to efficiently and rapidly search the index for matches based on the entered keywords. Supports basic logic (ie: negation).

Returns the results on a seperate page from the search form itself, neatly formatted. Uses session cookies to transmit the query between the two pages.

Stores the index (url, keywords and description for each page you wish to be "crawled") in the "results" page. This means the index is loaded only when a search has actually been performed, saving on bandwidth and download time.

Searches title, description and desingated keywords within the index for a match.

Works in IE4+, NS4, and NS6+.

its perfectly working on local server but when I uploaded my files to my webserver. it doesn't work. Is there anybody can help me with this? TIA

Philip M
08-26-2011, 09:53 AM
Have you followed the installation instructions in doc.txt? Are the files in the correct directory on your server? Are the filenames correctly spelled and in the correct case? (Filename case is the most common reason for things working locally, but not when uploaded).

Check that the <script> tag you use to link to your JavaScript file is using a relative URL and not an absolute URL to a local file on your own computer.

Check the permissions of the js file and scripts directory. CHMOD 755

It is your responsibility to die() if necessary….. - PHP Manual