View Full Version : Trying to make a social bookmarking service[Some Quick Help Plz]

08-25-2011, 11:05 AM
Hi Friends

I am trying to make a social bookmarking website in which users will login, choose 10-15 social networking sites and provide username,password for each account. I will store their username and password in my database.

Later they will write a post or message and choose social networks to which the message will be posted. When they hit submit the same message will be posted to all the social networks at once.

I have some basic idea about this. But I am confused a bit. Should I use facebook, twitter and others' api to store offline access token to implement this? Or Should I just use PHP CURL library to directly login and post messages.

Finding and understanding apis of 10-15 social networks will be very time consuming and the process is different for each of the sites.Also some of the sites don't offer api to update status.

If I go for direct login without api through CURL then they might ban account of users.

So, how to do it? You might have heard of Onlywire.. How does it do? It stores usernames and passwords. Then logs in and posts messages to user accounts.

Please help me in this.. Thanks a lot for reading.. :)