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Lane Gross
08-22-2011, 08:53 AM
im having trouble finding a script like this, it should be simple but idk

all i want is a script that can take any image within a file/folder and display it on a php page so the script would be on the php page and it would display the images on that page to

but i would like it to grab it from a webserver other than mine using a link

so lets say i wanted to grab all the images from "http://www.sitename/images/

everything in the folder images the script would take them and place them onto the page, it would show the image side by side for all and any image types in that one folder and it would show if you open a browser 2 days later if it has new images it would shpow the new images and if some have been deleted it would not hsow thoes so basically show the current images in that folder and post them on the php page the script is on as an actual image

cant seem to find something like it but it looks to be a small simple script

anyone know how i can achieve this function?

08-22-2011, 09:24 AM
I'm really unsure about the legalities of this. You would have to make sure you have permission from the site that owns these files - or the copyright owners of the images permission to use the images.

Assuming the above, scandir() accepts URL's.