View Full Version : Google maps and facebook plugin display issues ie8

08-11-2011, 01:46 AM
Hi All ..

I have an issue on my site which is using google maps plugin and also facebook social plugins.

For some reason when using these on IE8 certain parts of them are seethrough and can see the background of the site on them.. The facebook comments box is completely see though.. There are similar in parts of the google map. I have used the right opacity settings for all the browsers i believe. It looks a mess on IE8 and desperate to sort out. Would really appreciate any help from people who may have seen this before and knows a quick fix or any kind of fix.

My url is http://www.cherishbridal.co.uk

on the navigation menu click on find us.. or click on the main pages find us on facebook link. These all work perfectly in IE9 and Chrome.. but I need the backwards compatibility ..

anybody seen this before??