View Full Version : Display of blog different in IE to other browsers... at a loose end.

08-09-2011, 01:21 AM
Hi everyone! Im having a few problems with designing my blog. Im terrible with html and css and never really know what im doing!

Anyway, my blog is currently being designed and everything was going well, just a few things to add such as background image.

I've been editing in Internet Explorer 9, and it looks below the Template Designer as it does in Firefox and Safari, Google Chrome also... But when I log out and view my blog on Internet Explorer 9, its not right, it doesn't look the same and just looks 'messy'. In Firefox is the correct design.

Any ideas? After a few days of trying to design this blog with no knowledge of html, im feeling like I should just give up on it! Its so difficult.

This is my bloglink: missgemmalou.blogspot.com


08-09-2011, 02:23 AM
didn't see any wordress in the metas. did you write this site? the script is pretty good. faux columns and everything. much props you are very modest.


addressing the problem, what errors are you seeing? ie tends to have page zoom to less than 100%, so things are going to look smaller.

try posting a picture of the problem, I think that will help a lot since your site looks similar in all browsers on my comp

08-09-2011, 05:24 PM
Ahh really? Thanks for that, I appreciate it as I thought it looked pretty rubbish. I don't have a clue when it comes to html...really. As of now, I've managed to get it working in IE 9.

I have just a few more things to do to this blog now. One being to move the text of the post closer to the titles, don't know if you know how? You'd be a star if you do. :) Oh and move the posts closer together generally?

08-10-2011, 03:02 AM
line 351:

.post-header {
margin: 0 0 1.5em;
line-height: 1.6;
font-size: 90%;

if you decrease the size of the margin, it will defray the space between the title and content. I believe this <div> was made specifically to create a space between the two.

line 316:

.post {
margin: 0 0 25px 0;

decreasing this margin will defray the space between the posts

08-11-2011, 12:50 AM
Thank you very much! :)

08-14-2011, 01:51 PM
Hey, Im bumping this because Im trying to change the margin between my posts, I have done this before and it worked fine, but when I try and change it again, its not changing?

Im scrolling down to this:

.post {
margin: 0 0 15px 0;

But changing it doesn't change anything anymore? Please help. Thanks.