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08-07-2011, 12:15 PM
1) Project Details: (be as specific as possible):

Hi All,

I am based in the UK and i'm looking to develop a matrimonial website. Without giving away too much detail at this stage, here is a list of key features the website will be delivering:

- Ability for users to sign-up, complete a profile, search for partners, instant message, join particular user groups/communities and all the other standard features one comes across on matrimonial websites.
- Ability for users to upload video introductions.
- Parts of the website will only be available to paid members thus a secure online payment facility must be present.
- administrators/moderators should have the ability to fully manage the web portal in the sense of closing/amending profiles, searching for explicit user of words and replying to email queries.

The ideal candidate would be able to demonstrate the following:

- 5 yrs+ programming web portals with significant experience in matrimonial/social networking portals. Must be able to demonstrate previous matrimonial/social networking portals.
- Ability to offer ammendments/change on ad-hoc basis and a roadmap as to how many changes can be done before a site needs to be re-created.
- Based in the UK but open to coders outside of UK if they can demonstrate how they work with customers outside their native country to deliver a smooth service during build and after sales (i.e skype, teamviewer etc)
- Very security conscious with the ability to demonstrate security controls in all aspects of the webpage to ensure safe and secure browsing/transactions.
I donít believe the project is complex. However I require an individual who has the ability to by dynamic and creative. I am not interesting in template based coders/modifiers as I can (and have) been one myself! ;)

2) Payment method/ details (Paypal, check? Timeline?):
I would prefer paypal but open to suggestions.

I have budgeted between £1,000 GBP and £2,500 GBP but am flexible with budget as long as value/creativity is demonstrated.

I am looking to have this up and running before the end of this year (2011)

I have been researched the market well and believe my budget is more than adequate. I have posted in the large/complex section as i have a view of how the site will grow and need a coder who can share/deliver that view.

Mr Bored

08-08-2011, 04:08 PM
Based on your description I believe you will be able to find a qualified developer. Just a couple of issues:

and all the other standard features one comes across on matrimonial websites

Bids on your project are completely dependent on what's in this particular can o' worms. Your budget may be right, or it may be £10,000 too low; there's no way to know, since we could be launching a rocket ship to Mars, if that's what other websites are doing. You should avoid saying something like "make my website just like match.com" as well, since match.com employs over 300 people.

Second issue, will your ideal web developer also be doing the front end design?

Best of luck...