View Full Version : Modifying my sites sidebar

08-02-2011, 01:32 AM
I just made my website - http://www.lucaschu.com to showcase my film work.

I'm know little to nothing about HTML and have just modified someone elses.

The left sidebar says RSS and ARCHIVE. I want to replace RSS and ARCHIVE with ABOUT and CONTACT.

So in my HTML I found this:
<h2><a href="{RSS}">{lang:RSS}</a></h2>

<h2><a href="/archive">{lang:Archive}</a></h2>

The above HTML seemed to be controlling my sidebar so I modified it to this:
<h2><a href="/about">{lang:About}</a></h2>

<h2><a href="/contact">{lang:Contact}</a></h2>

I was trying to make the ABOUT icon link to lucaschu.com/about & the CONTACT icon to lucaschu.com/contact

The CONTACT was successful but the ABOUT failed. The word ABOUT just didn't show up. I suspect it has to do with the RSS? Help me to do this!