View Full Version : Problems with Controller working in Firefox and Chrome

07-28-2011, 10:03 PM

I've place a quicktime video on a page. The controller isn't showing up in Firefox and Chrome, but works fine in IE. One solution is if I place a value of "true" on autoplay. But I'd rather just give them the option of playing the video. Any ideas? Here's a link if you need one....http://tinyurl.com/3moyay8

<object data="http://kacvtv.org/kidspage/RoadTrip_dayAndDate.mov" width="450" height="300" type="video/quicktime" title="preview of Dinosaur Train Big City">

<param name="src" value="http://kacvtv.org/kidspage/RoadTrip_dayAndDate.mov" />

<param name="controller" value="true" />

<param name="autoplay" value="false" />