View Full Version : Multiple Buttons without Nested Forms?

07-18-2011, 10:31 PM
fyi, I have limited experience with web programming (even less with javascript).

I am trying to search a database of molecules and display several columns for each returned molecule in a table in a new page (view_all.cgi). Within this table I have a button for each molecule from the database which I would like to be able to click it and view all of it's information in a new page (view_one.cgi)

However, I also have a column in my table in view_all.cgi filled with check boxes so that only some of the returned molecules can be checked and then downloaded using a script (get_checked.cgi).

QUESTION: How can I handle the table data so that one button sends one row of the table to view_one.cgi, while another button sends multiple columns of the table to get_checked.cgi without using nested forms?


EDIT: A better question. I have the first part of my question working (sending one row of a table to view_one.cgi). So, using javascript, how can I get the status (checked/unchecked) of all the check boxes on a page and send the information to get_checked.cgi?