View Full Version : Having content fit on the screen dynamically

07-13-2011, 09:29 PM
Hello, I am currently trying to have my content fit on the screen no matter if the user has the window fitted to their screen (a pop up) or if they are in full screen. Can anyone give me some suggestions on what rules I should be using?

I've currently been using the following, and pretty much all of them use a <number>% except for in a few spots:
Position: fixed; left: (insert %); top: (insert %);
width: (insert %); height: (insert %);

Doubt this will make any difference but I am developing this in a C#/ASP.net Web App.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: If your familiar with Microsoft CRM, that is the effect I am trying to pull. No matter the size of the window, full or not, the controls and everything else will adjust in size.