View Full Version : How to run /config/sql.sql

07-12-2011, 05:28 PM
Hi! Im sorry for my skills.

For a while ago i bought a script and the guy who sold it to me he just toke the money and left me with a script. And many things are left to do.

But soon maybe i can run it.

But he told me that i have to run the database likr this.


I can do many things but now i have try to surf on google and fins out how but i cant figure out how i shall do.

I have Servage.net as webhosting. I know they a funtion in then you create database for remote but that what i shall do.

The database is i my folder /confiq/sql.sql

or did he mean that i shall do something else because the database is in my confiq folder?

Pleas help me out here :( next time maybe i can help you guys :thumbsup: