View Full Version : Need help optimising my site for different screen resolutions

07-12-2011, 12:14 AM
This is my website that I'm working on:

At my resolution (1900x1080) it looks how I want it to, like this:

I've never tried to do a horizontal scrolling site before and I haven't done any webdevelopment in over a year. I'm looking for suggestions and ideas on what would be the best way to go about making this layout work better on lower resolution screens (ie. not cutting off the footer). I don't want the site to scroll vertically at all, just horizontally.

I've been looking into a way to resize the photos according to the browser size but have had no luck so far.


07-12-2011, 03:20 AM
If you don't mind the images being shrunk down, I'd go with a percentage value for their width and height. It seems like that's what you want to do- make the height relative according to browser size. All containers must also be relative, though. Since a percentage value is according to the container, a static container will result in a static image size.