View Full Version : Resolved Lynx - automated keystrokes

07-11-2011, 03:21 PM
Hi Guys,

I have an issue im hoping you can help me with, I'm setting up a cronjob which requires authentication to a website, obviously when doing it from my browser it is fine, when using lynx i am presented the login page, being automated I need it to fill the user/pass and log in, to continue it's job (the website it authenticates to is not controlled by me), I have been reading up that you can make a "keystroke file"

lynx will jump through 4-5 hoops before it gets to the login page.

Has anyone had any experience with writing keystroke files?

If anyone has some examples on what a keystroke file would consist of, or what 'rules' i should follow when making one that would really help

Many thanks


Sorry, I ahve worked it out, it's litteraly as simple as dumpnig the log using a param -cmd_log and then calling that log as -cmd_script which just mimics it.

Hope this helps