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07-11-2011, 01:18 AM
Hi there.
This is my first post in this forum and unfortunately it will be one of the most claiming ones but i have no choice.

I'm not aware of JS-Scripting, so i used phpform.org to create a contact form for my website. Now they give me the download link, but without the opportunity to send the data put in via mail (senseless demo-stuff). Now i count on you to find the area where to add the code for sending (all) the data to an emailadress - and to tell me both ^^

as a little appeal i offer you to send you like 5 or somethin to your moneybookers if you have an account there (or to pokerstars, lol ;) ) when you provide your data and solve that so i could use it for another form as well...i know that is some work

here is the whole form in a zip file

see you, pokernarrrrr

Old Pedant
07-11-2011, 10:33 PM
Your <form> has no action:

<form id="form_207309" class="appnitro" method="post" action="">

Which means that it will try to post the contents of the <form> back to the SAME PAGE.

But because the page is not a server-side page it has no way to accept the POST-ed form info.

In order to have a <form> that RELIABLY sends mail to you, you need server-side code that will receive the POST and do the emailing. And that means that your site must be able to use PHP or ASP or JSP or some other server-side technology.

In short: (1) This is *NOT* a JavaScript question. Has nothing to do with JavaScript. (2) You will need to set up some kind of server-side mailer before you can do this. (3) You are trying to run before you can crawl.

07-13-2011, 03:44 PM
well thank you for your explanation and sorry for posting into the frong forum - i solved this with the help of another side wich gives me free forms for small content.. anyway, i should start learning PHP by the time :D