View Full Version : Videos starting long after page load despite autoplay

07-10-2011, 09:13 PM
I'm currently working on an online shop for a client. each product he sells has a video.
I produced three versions for each item: mp4 (for chrome) , ogv (for FF) and mp4 (for IE using JW player). Videos are about 4.5mb each.
I would like for the videos to start playing as quickly as possible, therefor I am using the autoplay property within the video tag and autostart=true parameter for JW player.
My problem is that on FF and Chrome it takes nearly a minute (!) until the video starts playing. on IE (JW Player) it takes about 10 secs until the video appears and another 10 until it start running properly.
I should mention that the site is hosted on a very good server. The site's pages load extremely fast and cron jobs get executed faster than i have ever seen on any machine so there really aren't are speed related issues with the server.
I'm on a good 5mb Internet connection (If I download files from file hosting services such as fileserve I get a constant ~600kb download stream). So the problem is not my Internet connection either.
Is there anything I can do to speed up loading of the videos? At the moment it looks really bad with the delay and all...
TIA to anyone who can help