View Full Version : PayPal IPN script to seperate item details ready for MySQL

07-07-2011, 09:54 AM
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I am after a PayPal IPN script that will handle the payments, I have looked at the free templates on PayPal but these are for the single items and do not cater for multiple items, or none that I can find..

So what I would like is a script that will read the $_POST from PayPal and dissect it into the separate item names, cost, handling, postage and tax, and save this all in a table in MySQL...

The MySQL should have all the needed POSTS to allow me to process the order via a CMS which I will have created at a later date.

As for costs this should be fairly easy for someone that may already have this code ?! or for someone that knows what they are doing so please let me know what your quotes will be for doing this.

Timeline: when its done...



07-08-2011, 12:06 AM
I've sent you an e-mail. This little project should only take me an hour or two if you have everything ready.