View Full Version : what html / javascript tag / code do I use to render html instead of html syntax?

07-06-2011, 10:00 PM

I'd like to modify a form on www.formsite.com (http://www.formsite.com) (form builder app):

username: testuser password: password

I would like to use the nicedit.com (http://nicedit.com)'s inline content editor's js to transform my textarea's into a richtext area. At present the nicedit editor works well in creating the richtextarea. However, the KEY point is that I would like formsite's form to pipe in the the created html and render it with the html component of formsite. Currently, the pipe function in formsite will only put out the html syntax in it's html module.

action seen here: http://fs8.formsite.com/testform/form1/index.html

So this would be: 1. checking out my form on formsite.com 2. the script from nicedit.com is already installed in an html component. 3. changing or telling me the scripts/tags/or whatever for formsite form using formsites form builder (which allows some html/script editing). 4. changed so as to render the rich text entered on page 1 in page 2 instead of the html syntax.

Any other solutions using formsite and any other richtextarea solutions would be great too!