View Full Version : w3c and Apple video embedding via AC_Quicktime.js

07-06-2011, 02:18 PM

This question is not really about js per se, but more having to do with w3c specifications. I did not see a more appropriate place to post it. I wish there were such a thing as a w3c forum.

I have a large number of QT movies in an archive that I have been displaying using the ol' object/embed tag method. In an attempt to bring the pages up to w3 standards, which does not allow embed tags, I have considered this recommendation from Apple for embedding QT videos:


Great, now the pages validate. However, when viewing the generated source written by the js, what do I find? Exactly the same code I used that would not validate - object tags with an embed tag in the container.

My question may be somewhat philosophical : Is this just merely a way of "tricking" the w3 validator? I mean, if the effective code that the browser sees is the same, why not just put it in there with HTML in the first place, other than to be able to put the w3 'validates!' icon at the bottom of the page?

You see what I am getting at?