View Full Version : node.js in production?

rnd me
07-02-2011, 02:33 AM
i was wondering: Has anyone here has used Node.js (http://nodejs.org/) on a production service, app, or site ?

If so, what type of project was it, and how is it working out?

I'm building a new media site at work using node, and have been blown away by what i've seen/tested so far. Swapping the LAMP stack for just linux and js has really opened my eyes to just how wrong i had been approaching the back-end for so long. Does anyone else have this experience, or am i the only one getting 1,000X performance increases with node?

try serving half a million dynamic pages in one hour at 10% cpu and <20 megs of ram on a 5-year old compaq consumer desktop using php; i dare you...

i guess the main question is that it's so literally awesome on the bench, will those number hold once it starts getting used by the public?